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Reasons Engaged Couples Choose Batten Green Wedding Venue

Your wedding will be one of the most significant and special events of your life, and you deserve a venue that will make it unforgettable. If you're considering Batten Green as your wedding venue, you're on the right track! Batten Green is the newest wedding venue in The Shenandoah Valley! We appeal to couples who do not want to have a de ja vu wedding, they don't want a wedding venue selecting all the details for them. It's almost like every wedding venue hosts the same wedding every weekend, only the couples change. Our couples want a custom designed experience. If that sounds like what you have been searching for, then keep reading to learn the Reasons Engaged Couples Choose Batten Green Wedding Venue.

Wedding venue, Charlottesville, Staunton, Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, luxury, wedding ceremony, wedding reception, garden, green spaces, mountain views, historic charm
Batten Green wedding venue features overnight accommodations, luxury suites, outdoor wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, green landscapes and acres of natural beauty.

Batten Green is located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, near Charlottesville and Richmond Virginia in a charming little town called Staunton. The stunning landscapes and gardens surrounding the venue are perfect for capturing unforgettable photographs and creating lasting memories. The venue's countryside charm ensures your guests feel like they are experiencing something exciting that they don't see every day. Visit our "contact" page to schedule a venue tour.

Dining Al Fresco is shown in the images below, but as of April 2024 all weddings will include the complimentary use of our luxury wedding tent.

Batten Green is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a scenic, all weekend wedding venue. With great services, beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces, overnight accommodations, custom lighting, and stunning scenery, Batten Green promises a unique and unforgettable wedding experience for you and your guests. Book now and have an unforgettable day.

Weekend Weddings: Batten Green is the Shenandoah Valley's premier venue for weddings. Our full weekend package includes exclusive use of the entire 12-acre property from Friday to Sunday, and we offer on-site, overnight accommodations for up to 28 guests. The property features multiple and outdoor event spaces for couples to host all wedding weekend events including the ceremony, reception, and rehearsal dinner. 

Luxury suite, hotel room, lodging, boutique hotel, private room, dressing suite
Batten Green accommodates 28 guests for elegant, relaxing wedding guest experiences.

Batten Green offers both indoor and outdoor spaces for your wedding ceremony and reception. The outdoor space is perfect for those seeking natural light, outdoor breezes, and the breeze of nature. On the other hand, indoor spaces provide comfort and protection during undesirable weather conditions. Batten Green's indoor and outdoor spaces cater to your needs and preferences, ensuring a stress-free wedding experience. Is this what you have been searching for in your wedding venue? Visit our "contact" page to schedule a venue tour.

Wedding venue, wedding garden, cocktail hour, mountain views, trees, landscaping, near Charlottesville, Staunton, Shenandoah Valley, Richmond, Virginia
Cocktail Hour Patio, this is where the celebration starts warming up. Reasons Engaged Couples Choose Batten Green Wedding Venue

Rehearsal Dinners: A rehearsal dinner can range from a formal or semiformal sit-down dinner or buffet to a beach-side clambake or picnic. The goal is to have a relaxed, convivial time, toast the bride and groom, and share some food, drink, and laughter before the whirlwind of the wedding day. The only rule: the rehearsal should never be more formal or more lavish than the wedding reception.

Wedding rehearsal dinner, wedding welcome party, dining, reception, event space, table decor, farm tables, chairs, candles, wine glasses, elegant, luxury, Staunton, Charlottesville, Richmond, Virginia
The Solarium adjoining bonus room.

The Solarium: Located off the Manor House, the solarium is a uniquely beautiful setting for a rehearsal dinner and/or farewell brunch. This space can accommodate up to 32 guests for a plated meal or 75 guests for a cocktail reception. There are two TV's for any AV needs. The solarium is adjoined to the Manor House Harvest Room, which can accommodate an additional 12 guests for a plated meal.

Wedding rehearsal dinner, welcome party, private dining, luxury dining, tables, chairs, flowers, place settings, table scape, styled, elegant, refined, Charlottesville, Staunton, Shenandoah Valley wedding venue
The Solarium offers a unique elegance to your events. This indoor space is flooded with natural light & features beautiful views in all directions.

Wedding dressing suite, bridal suite, champagne, elegant, chairs, seating, bridesmaid, hair and make up, lighting

Onsite Dressing Suites; This is an essential feature that our couples rave about. No one ever wants to be late but on your wedding day, you simply can't be stuck in traffic or running behind. Enjoying a stress free morning is vital for the success of the wedding day. Our suites are a mix of laid back luxury and modern minimal design. The Batten Green wedding dressing spaces are intentionally designed to be bright, spacious, and welcoming. We prioritize both comfort and functionality to ensure that our spaces are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical. Our dressing suites and over night accommodates are among the most popular reasons engaged couples choose Batten Green wedding venue.

If you are searching your for a wedding venue, please contact us today. We can't wait to learn about your wedding priorities and goals. We would love to invite you out to Batten Green for a private tour of all our wedding spaces. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Youtube for wedding planning tips and inspiration. Congratulation on your engagement! We sincerely hope you enjoy every moment of this truly magical time!

(540) 910-3560

Bridal suite, dressing suite, dressing room, bride, bridesmaid, maid of honor, champagne, wedding prep, make up, hair and make up, make up artist, mirrors, lighting
Visit our "contact" page to schedule a venue tour.

Bride, Groom, Wedding Venue, Kiss, wedding dress, Staunton, Charlottesville, Richmond, Virginia
Reasons Engaged Couples Choose Batten Green Wedding Venue

Wedding venue, evening, lighting, landscaping, greenery, pretty view, Staunton, Charlottesville, Richmond, Virginia
Batten Green is as unique as each of our couples!
Wedding venue, dining, landscaping, greenery, pretty view, Staunton, Charlottesville, Richmond, Virginia
Dining Al Fresco is shown here but as of April 2024 weddings will include the use of our luxury wedding tent.

We are tremendously grateful for our wonderful vendor friends who have provided their time and talented for styled wedding shoots at Batten Green. For more images visit our gallery, or follow us on Facebook & Instagram. A special shout out to Millpond Photography, the work on this blog is credited entirely to this talented local photography team! We highly recommend a visit to their website if you are searching for a wonderful photographer. Our vendor partners are among the best in the region and definitely one of the top reasons engaged couples choose Batten Green wedding venue.


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